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needed space here so this is in whit

Welcome to the Service Work Blog!
  Here you'll find all the projects
and completed jobs
we have accomplished.
With occasional updates!
Please continue to check
back in as we update weekly.
-Weidenfeller Family.

Dad and I got to go on a delivery out of state like the olden days...

Once Jake joined I was pushed out ;)

I had a day off and got to go with him, 3HR drive there, 30 min rip out and install and we were OUT! 3HR's back home.

Now he's talking about taking me on the next ones coming up!


We have been so busy, I know that's been said before but it is the truth!

The shop still ends up dirty so I will go back to cleaning now.

-Ashley W.

The boys have been all over the place and I haven't been able to sit down with them and hear all the grand stories!

Or keep you guys updated...

BUT I do know we have a TON of stock and a ton of options! You know where the stock room is by now ;)

Yes I've said it a lot, we have been sooo busy! I haven't been able to catch up with the boys with what they've been doing!

I DO know we have a TON of stock! It's a maze in the showroom :)

Here is our PICTURED Stock Room.

Shop online or come check them out for yourself! I (Ashley) will be here Thursday 10-5ish if you wanna come in and check them out in person.


Yesterday we we're oh so busy.

Everyone was Running around getting things accomplished, washed, typed and errand running! 

Here are 3 out of the 4 faces of Weidenfeller Refrigeration!

Rick is the head and director of everything, he was a one man band before Jacob came along and picked up the family business alongside Rick.

They can be seen at the office like below, or running to the next service call or delivery!

Then there's me :) Everything website related is my domain!(And cleaning the office)

I'll have to nab a picture of Tammy soon so she doesn't feel left out.

That's it, just us, taking calls, showing up and doing our very best.


The Shirts came in!

No one is as excited as I am!!

Working on the big project today, in my new work shirt!

We shall have pictures within the week, it's gonna be awesome.

Check back later for those.


We've been extremely busy here! Haven't been able to catch up with the boys on what they're up to.

...Still waiting on shirts...

I've got a huge project I haven't started yet but it'll be super cool when it's done!

Used Equipment are Here.

Contact us Here.


We are still waiting on getting shirts from the screening place! I am getting impatient heading out of the office without a "Weidenfeller Work shirt" to job sites and looking wayyy out of place!

I overheard the boys talking about being on the opposite sides of Michigan yesterday.

Rick was in Ann Arbor and Jacob was in Holland!

Seems like they're never in the office and it's weird when they are.


Working on website things and marketing, I spent a good 2hrs trying to figure out how to get videos on here without using YouTube... Obviously I caved and made a YouTube account cause why not! I hope to get out with either Rick or Jacob and film some more of what we do!


Our inventory is loaded, I added SEVEN 'New' Pre-Owned units to the stock list and you can check those out HERE!

Contact Rick @ 616-827-3431 or for more information!


Grand Rapids Cheesecake co.

Jake and I headed out to Grand Rapids Cheesecake Alpine location.

We moved a 2 Door Cooler to the new Grandville location!

Unhinged a door, shoved it through the door-way and put it in place.

Very hot day to be moving hundreds of pounds of equipment but we did it with a smile!

Mark from GR Cheesecake has a very beautiful display of equipment at the Grandville store, go check it out, he's got some awesome product our family can vouch for, oh so good!


It is a new month!

We have been amazingly busy running around doing service calls and deliveries.

It is usually pretty quiet around the 4th of July but we were in fact slammed this year! 


"The Boys" are out on a service call pretty early this morning while I sit in the office and type this.

I (Ashley) have been on a few calls with "The Boys" and am amazed at how much they can accomplish in just a day...

or to the phone calls my father gets that are non-stop...even during dinner...but it comes with the family business.

I hope to get out soon and film Jake or Rick so y'all can see how much they do and what they do!


We sent out for a few more shirts (For Tammy and Ashley) and will hopefully have an updated picture to throw on here! ...Ashley is super excited for that!...


We have tons of units for sale (and on sale) over at: Click Here!

Updated daily as stock comes in and out!

This is our instagram page: Click Here! 

This is our facebook page: Click Here!


Contact Rick Here! to set up an appointment to see our excellent certified pre-owned units or to get quotes on new equipment.

Support small businesses and shop locally with us!

From our family to yours.

As Rick would say, "have a fabulous day!"

Contact me with any further questions concerning administration, or things you'd like to see here at:

(You'll get Ashley not Rick;) )

Core Group

This unit is a Combo box (Freezer and Cooler) made by American Cooler brand;
We installed this unit for Core Group, Completed on 7/17.

Delski's Meat Middleville Mi

Walk-In Freezer installed for Delskis Meat in Middleville, Mi.

Completed on 3/18.

St. Alphonsus Food Pantry

St. Alphonsus Food Pantry, Completed 11/17.

Combo Box: Walk-in Cooler and Freezer.

Anne's Health Food Store

We installed / Shortened and replumbed this Freezer for Anne's Health Food store in Hastings Mi on 6/22/18.

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