25+ Point Refurbish Checklist

  1. Inspect all door gaskets – replace any that are ripped, torn, or even questionable
  2. Inspect, adjust, and/or replace door hinges – ensure doors close properly
  3. Completely, thoroughly, and professionally wash each unit inside and out
  4. Tighten site glass on freezers with semi hermetic compressors
  5. Change oil on freezers with semi hermetic compressors
  6. Change filter drier on all units
  7. Test all units for leak with nitrogen pressure
  8. Ensure each unit suction line has proper insulation
  9. Ensure suction and liquid lines are free from bends or kinks
  10. Tighten service port packing nuts and ensure no leaks
  11. Test and ensure the function of the temperature control
  12. Ensure int. and ext. lights function as designed – and/or upgrade them to L.E.D. if necessary
  13. Inspect all shelves for broken welds, rust, damage. Touch up paint as necessary
  14. Touch up paint and scratches or blemishes on each cabinet
  15. Ensure defrost heaters work as designed
  16. Check operation of defrost clocks / timers – set for proper intervals
  17. Ensure drain heaters work as designed
  18. Ensure proper pressures for the refrigeration system
  19. Adjust expansion valve if necessary
  20. Adjust high and low pressure controls if needed
  21. Check over condenser fan motors for proper clearance, operation, and performance
  22. Check over evaporator fan motors for proper clearance, operation, and performance
  23. Professionally clean all condensing units – blow out condenser - clean
  24. 24 hour + graph test each unit with a recording thermometer
  25. Ensure door heaters work as designed
  26. Ensure door handles are secured and functioning as designed
  27. Inspect electrical cord for damage, frays, shorts, etc


    Lab Experiment #1: GDM72, 3-door display cooler purchased from a local auction

    Pictured here is a GDM72, 3-door, display cooler I recently picked up from a local auction. I purchased this unit bidding on-line and did not have the opportunity to look at it or inspect it first. The ad did say the unit worked and also mentioned the left side door had 1 of the 3 panes of glass broken. The picture speaks for itself regarding the condition of the unit though the layers of filthy cannot full be appreciated by this picture alone.

    Believe it or not, this is the same exact unit completed and already sold! The following is a list of things done to get the unit from the tired looking cooler up above to this fine looking retail display cooler.

    1.) Major power spraying inside and out to remove cat hair, grime, and filth.
    2.) Purchased a new glass insert from the factory and replaced the entire piece in the far left door.
    3.) Replaced the lower grill as the original had peeling paint after someone painted the grill with a brush and house paint.
    4.) I covered over both sides of the unit with a product I use on units that are badly damaged or have major flaws.
    5.) The compressor ran fine but the refrigeration did NOT cool correctly - I ran a flushing solution through the refrigeration lines, installed new service access ports, changed the drier, cleaned the entire condensing unit, evacuated the system, and recharged the unit with a better replacement refrigerant.
    6.) I needed to replace the (2) light bulbs that were burnt out.
    7.) I tested the unit using a RECORDING THERMOMETER to see the compressor and thermostat cycles. The thermostat did not function correctly - per factory parameters so I spent countless hours dialing in the range on the thermostat only stopping once the unit performed correctly.
    8.) Four of the seven legs on this unit were bent and inoperable needing to be removed after heating with a torch and bending back straight to remove.

    The Left side of this unit was hand painted with a brush and house paint by the previous owner. I shook my head trying to figure out why someone would do this but it is more common than I ever would have thought previously.

    The picture doesn't show this too well but the left side door had the outer pane of the triple pane glass door was broken. True Manufacturing does offer replacement glass which I purchased and installed. This is not a simple task and I do not recommend the typical owner try to tackle this project.