I currently do not have any used ice makers available.

I am authorized sales and service for Hoshizaki Ice machines and Scotsman. I can quote new units if desired. Just use the contact us page for inquiries.

I am often requested to install, service, maintain and repair ice makers and am knowledgeable with: Scotsman, Manitowoc, and Hoshizaki. Please feel free to contact me if you are having issues as I may be help!



I like to caution my customers about purchasing used ice makers. I always ask the question: "why is the previous owner looking to get rid of their machine?" If the answer to the question is the need for a larger capacity machine I am 'sometimes' forgiving. Practically any other answer scares me.

Ice Makers are finicky machines. Any particle of rust, lime, scaly substance WILL literally destroy an ice maker. Poor or improper maintenance WILL destroy an ice maker. Poor quality of water and/or not using a water filter WILL destroy an ice maker.

Truth is, ice makers are fairly simple machines but, like most refrigeration equipment, they are only as good as they are maintained.

Whenever possible, and if budget will allow, I always recommend my customers purchase a new unit. And for this reason, it is rare that I have used ice makers for sale. I do occasionally find one worth taking a risk on but it is rare.

Recently I witness a Scotsman 170lb ice maker (the self contained kind, air cooled, about 2' wide) go through a local auction. I always watch to see what they sell for and if they are worth a bid or not. Now, in all fairness I did not go and inspect the machine in person. However, the pictures told me more than see, I am very familiar with this particular model. Just from previewing the picture, I noticed the sump, sump pump, float assembling, and reservoir were all missing. This is where "deals" at the auction can be deceptive. The unit was NOT advertised as a working unit and it clearly was not. The real sad part is the purchaser paid over $600.00 for the unit. I know from experience, the parts that were "obviously" missing would cost that or more. This was a bad purchase for the eventual high bidder. I feel for consumers who get ripped off like this...but then again, you get what you pay for and in this case, I would guess there was an uninformed buyer that will defiantly have buyers regret once he picks up his prize. So - be cautious in purchaser a used ice maker. Have an expert look at and test a unit before you make the purchase. Time the harvest - anything over 20 minutes is NOT a good deal....most units (new) will harvest in 12-16 minutes. Be informed, do some homework. A "good deal" may end up being costly mistake.


Prodigy CU1526 MA-1A

The Scotsman under counter Cube Ice Maker - CU1526 Features : Energy and Water Efficiency Uses significantly less water and energy than other cube ice machines, exceeding California and Federal energy efficiency regulations by up to 15% percent. Water Sense Adaptive Purge Control Delivers maximum reliability by reducing scale built up for a longer time between cleanings. Auto-Alert indicator lights Constantly communicates operating status and actually signal your staff when it's time to descale, sanitize, and more - making upkeep practically foolproof. Sleek, Compact Design Offers a convenient, space-saving, durable design that can be placed anywhere you need ice. Simple Maintenance Allows clear access to all internal components with easy-to-remove door and top panel that takes the hassle out of cleaning. Energy Efficiency Rating Energy Use : 9.7 KWH/100 lb ice Scotsman Prodigy Cuber Ice Machine - CU1526 Specifications ARI Ice Production Capacity 115 - 150 lbs

$2,150.00 + shipping