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FREEZER starting components....


-defined: The starting components are (typically) made of a "start" capacitor, "run" capacitor, and a "relay".

These electronic devices are responsible for starting the compressor, keeping it running and allowing the freezers electronics to function properly.

The starting components are in a self-contained box and are connected via a wire loom to the compressor. This box has a removable cover for access.

Often times any one of these items can fail independently for no apparent reason. These components can also fail to common electrical problems such as surges, breaker trips, high draws, a bad compressor, electrical storms, etc.

CAUTION / NOTE:These components can hold a charge and are therefore somewhat dangerous. If you are not comfortable with this...PLEASE - DO NOT attempt to change these components on your own.
There is a simple and easy way to ensure any stored charge is released from these components. Simply take a long screw driver and create a "passage" of current between the posts by simply touching one post and allowing it to make a connection with the second post via the screwdriver. If there is a stored charge, this will allow that charge to dissipate or release.
I still recommend and practice using needle nose pliers to remove the wire connections and to reinstall them.

-diagnosed: It is difficult if not impossible to properly verify whether a particular component is good or not. Sometimes, appearances can and will tell the tale. Often times I see start or run capacitors whereas it was clearly obvious what the problem was/is. I have seen several that exploded for one reason or another. In most cases, simply replacing the damaged component can and will get your freezer functional again.