CLIFFORD = The “not so smart” freezer tech that last worked on this FREEZER
AND, added most recently: excerpts from service calls involving ridiculous statements and/or thoughts from the client...

NOTE: I do love all of my customers....however, sometimes, with the customer "always being right," I am left only to question myself; often times there is no legitimate or intelligent response....SEE BELOW


Hilarious true tales describing some of the work by "Clifford" the technician

FREEZER Day 1579:

Frequently we receive some really nice looking quality commercial grade/glass door freezers. Often these units work fine (i.e., the compressor runs) but they are not totally up to snuff…which explains the melted ice cream and the wonderful associated smell that comes with it. In this particular case, during prognosis, I discovered everything working fine…as it should…from a first look that is. As is the case, I typically have 4-5 machines lined up to be “checked out” at once. While this particular glass door freezer ran, I worked on other equipment keeping a third eye and ear on this freezer. Fortunately I heard the freezer trip off on temperature. All Good right? Obviously something must be wrong…how else did the machine get caked with melted ice cream? And then I noticed something out of the ordinary…. one condenser fan motor was running….HMMM. Actually, Clifford gets some credit here...apparently he must have only had a 110 volt condenser fan motor on his truck – not the actual 220 volt he needed. Heaven forbid we go get what we need…Interestingly enough… this particular Clifford actually knew how to wire the motor up to run. Granted it obviously won’t EVER shut off but then, you know, isn’t more better? Thanks Clifford, this one was an easy fix for me and my client received an incredible quality used commercial grade freezer for 1/3rd the cost of a new one.

FREEZER Day 375:

Often times when we sell a freezer we offer to deliver the freezer for a fee to the client. We always state: CURB SIDE DELIVERY ONLY!
We state this for many reasons including limiting the risk of damage to our clients flooring or drywall during placement. We also have found the modest fee we charge to cover fuel and labor can easily be absorbed in "moving" equipment around. With that stated.... Our client was pleased when I offered to give him some $$$$ for his "junk" freezer towards the purchase of one of ours. During delivery, Mr. nice guy "helped" the client get the freezer in his convenience store. Everything went great until it was time to plug the unit in. The plugs were not the same. They were both 208/220 20AMP plugs, they just had a different pattern. As I am NOT a licensed electrician, and this is "curb side" delivery....I left the machine for him (or SPARKY) to wire up. The next day I got a call that the freezer has a "bad" compressor. "It won't run" was the complaint. I stopped by after work and discovered the electrician had not wired the machine correctly. Switching a couple of wires makes a BIG difference.....

SERVICE call - Day 982:

I sell a nice matching pair of Hobart S/S self-contained cooler and freezer to a pizza man.

Pizza man appears to be happy after 3-4 weeks but does call to say he is having a hard time "dialing" in the EXACT temperature he wants. Pizza man does not relate to the fact that this equipment does not dial in to an EXACT temperature but instead actually fluctuates to a relative pre-design temperature setting - key word here is relative or possibly a better word would be nominal.

Pizza man asks me to come out and look at his equipment as it; "just isn't performing as he would like." Pizza man is some 50+ miles from my shop so I told him I would try to get out to him later in the week. Pizza man ended up calling a day or two later and was furious. Ironically, Pizza mans freezer suddenly quit working and he is now out $2200.00 due to food spoilage. HMMMM - interesting!

PS. I did give Pizza man a 30-day warranty! Although the warranty had expired, I decided I would go see "the issues" Pizza man is having.

Upon my arrival:
I checked the cooler first and all appeared to work as designed. The cooler took some time to reach temperature but it did it's job just the same as it did in my shop prior to being placed for sale. Thou I could find nothing wrong with the unit, I decided to change out the temp control if for no other reason that to make Pizza man think that was the problem all along.

Now it is on to the freezer:
I started diagnosing with step 2 or 3 (see: even I can be a Clifford now and then!) I simply could find nothing wrong with the freezer. I also was curious why it wouldn't start. Going back to step one I decided I better start with diagnosing the power to the unit. You see; something either needs to hum, click, buzz, or give a sign of life while plugged in and turned on. Ah-ha, turn the unit on. I finally go back to the temperature control (coincidental this was the same exact issue/complaint with the cooler I just looked at). I turned the dial on the temperature control to the lowest, first setting and WALLAH the unit starts! I know - AMAZING huh?

I ask Pizza man if he adjusted the temperature control and I get a blank stare with the following statement: "Ah, I didn't know that switch was there."
Now like a father to a son, I really wanted to believe Pizza man but the truth lies in the discovery....it obviously wasn't "off" when I sold the unit. Furthermore, I can't believe Pizza man stocked the freezer with it off.

Now - the REAL interesting part....Pizza man looks me straight in the eye and tells me: "I don't know what you are going to tell my insurance company when they call about a $2200.00 claim for food spoilage."

Pizza man than admits that possibly his father-in-law may have "adjusted" that dial. So; hardly able to contain my excitement, I ask: "Why would you adjust the setting to the off position?" the anticipated response is killing me....wait for it....wait.....

Pizza man says: "I wanted to save electricity so I turned the cooler off and adjusted the freezer to the lowest setting so as to use it as a cooler/freezer."

OK, so I gathered my thoughts...and my tools...and started to load my service van. I politely adjusted the freezer back to the "ON" position but left it at a fairly low setting to make him feel good. I then attempted to explain to Pizza man that the freezer is NOT designed to be turned down and used as a multi-purpose cooler/freezer. I could tell what I was saying sounded like the teacher in the Peanuts Comics: wah wan, wah wan, wah.....

But..."the customer is always right...."

I haven't heard from the Pizza man in a long time now. It is my hope that his "gift" in life is making pizza's and I also hope his business is flourishing. As for selling pizza man more equipment, I think I will pass.

NOTE: My dad had a saying as a kid posted on a wall in his shop I found intriguing, it read as follows:

once I thought I was wrong, but I was mistaken....

All these years later, I find that a clever play on words...and; to finish the story;
Thankfully Pizza man's insurance company never called me. If they had, I wasn't sure if I would lie to protect my customer or tell the truth...