Weidenfeller Refrigeration is fully equipped to do service and maintenance work on all sorts of commercial refrigeration equipment. In particular, we are capable and experts with the following equipment:

- Self contained freezers (glass door and stainless steel)
- Self contained coolers (glass door and stainless steel)
- Self contained prep tables
- Self contained deli cases
- Remote condenser coolers and freezers
- Ice makers
- Ice merchandisers
- Walk-in coolers, freezers, and combos (remote and self contained)


Service and maintenance are available for the following:

- Convenient stores
- Restaurants
- Cafeteria's
- Hotel
- Churches
- Food Pantries
- Ice Cream stores
- Deli's
- Farmers markets
- Fruit / Vegetable stands
- Grocery Stores
- Dairies
- Pet stores
- Farms / Homesteads

Technical TYPE UNIVERSAL certified
EPA certified federally

As a third generation federally certified technician, I was taught by my father to do a thorough and complete job the first time. If a unit is low on refrigerant - it has a leak! Unless directed by the customer, I will never simply charge a unit and walk away. I am diligent in finding leaks and believe in proper repairs made on the first call. I fully understand downtime of refrigerated equipment is costly to my customer - and to their customers too.

I also was taught to communicate at the utmost and highest level with my clients. I believe in not only telling my customer a problem I have discovered on their equipment but show them the problem. I also like to give suggestions that help the customer understand what may have caused or created the issue and make suggestions on what they can do to avoid further such instances (technical support).

I do not believe in throwing costly parts at a unit hoping I might get lucky and fix a problem that plagues a unit. I do not like it when this happens to me in life and therefore would never do this to my clients either.

I intentionally keep standard and commonly replacement parts on my truck to reduce costly and time consuming runs to the supply house. Occasionally, I will have to go to the supply house or specially order parts from the manufacture that are not common. I do carry both new and used Temperature control, condenser fans, and evaporators fans for the most common manufactures.

All of my work is warrantied and guaranteed either via the manufacture or myself personally.

If you are in need of service work and demand a: QUALITY JOB, AFFORDABLE RATES, PROFESSIONAL and RELIABLE SERVICE, please give me a shot. I am convinced you will be satisfied. My goal is to exceed my customers expectations.

.....the most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself....

Please utilize the CONTACT US page for rates, availability, and any other questions you may have.